E start to dey paint at six months, meet one-year-old Ghanaian wey be Guinness World Record youngest artist

One small pikin for Ghana wey im name na Ace Liam don become di Guinness World Record holder as di youngest artist.

Ace Liam wey begin dey paint at 6 months old attempt im record at di age of one year four months old.

Di existing record bifor now bin set in 2003 for di US by Dante Lamb wen im dey 3 years old.

Dante im abstract paintings don dey hang for di monkey love dessert bar for Georgia.

Im don sell im first piece on 6 October 2003 for $85 (£50).

But five months afta Ace Liam im attempt Guinness World Record don confam say im get di current record.

For one press conference, im mama tok say dem receive email wey confam say Ace Liam don beat di record.

“Afta five months of anxiety Guinness World Record tok on 13 May say Ace Liam don win di record,” Ace im mama Chantel Kuukua Eghan tok.

“We dey happy to inform you say your application for di youngest artist (male) dey successful, you now be di Guinness World Record title holder.”

“You dey eligible for one complimentary certificate, congratulations! You dey officially amazing,” di email wey Guinness World Record send to Ace im mama tok.

Ace Liam mama add say di achievement na “remarkable wey e dey confam di talent of di pikin wey dey young like Ace. Dis na inspiration to oda artists say dem fit to do am no mata dia age”.

For di record attempt from December, Ace Liam im mama Chantelle Eghan tok BBC News Pidgin say “I get vim say my pikin go break di record, wia e go make di kontri proud.”

“For Ace to attempt break am, im for dey part of art exhibition den sell some of di paintings,” im mama tok say na requirement.

Dem for also submit evidence of di sale of di artwork to Guinness World Records and oda information.

Na so im mama take am participate for di soundout premium art exhibition wia happun for Ghana from 15 December 2023 to 21 January 2024.

Ace im mama also explain say “di paintings wey di pikin do, na abstract painting.”

At least nine paintings of di one year-old pikin don dey part of di exhibition wey pipo buy all of dem.

Some of patrons for di US and UK buy some of Ace Liam im paintings.

First Lady of Ghana Rebecca Akufo-Addo don receive one of di pikin im paintings.

“Dis na inspiration say small pikin like Ace fit to attempt dis record. Dis na evidence say every pikin gatz to dream.”

Ace Liam im mama wey also na artist tok say she discover say im pikin always dey interested in painting whenever she dey do am.

“I see say na my pikin happy whenever I don dey paint, wey im start dey observe wetin I dey do as im chop six months,” Chantelle tok.

Naso Ace im mama and papa begin to dey allow make im dey play wit crayons and paint and canvas.

“From six months, Ace already dey express imsef on top of di canvas, wey I allow am say make im do am.

“Small small I see say im dey do abstract painting so I tok say I gatz to support am make im grow to become ogbonge artist”, Ace im mama explain.

Chantelle also explain say im make di application to attempt di record around di time Nigerian chef Hilda Baci don break di longest cooking record.

“I don dey motivated afta Hilda do am, naso I check di Guinness page to see wetin I fit attempt.”

“As I see dis one, wey I tok myself say my pikin fit do am. Dis way im go grow into di art world den inspire odas wey dia mama and papa no wan make dem do arts,” Chantelle explain.

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