“When their kids all grew up, they decided they were going to find (Bugsy) a new home, so they brought him here (to the sanctuary),” Shropshire recalled.

Today, Bugsy seems unaffected over losing his shot at worldwide fame and enjoys nothing more than a fresh, crisp apple each morning and the chance to rest in his own little paddock. He also looks remarkably well for his age and still welcomes regular visitors.

For comparison, donkeys typically live for around 25 to 30 years, and those who are provided exceptional care normally live up to around the age of 40.

Although it’s frustrating to miss this rare opportunity over lost paperwork, Shropshire remains positive and said she’s still proud of him.

“I still say he’s the oldest donkey in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan,” she proudly announced.

If you would like to congratulate Bugsy on (almost) qualifying for his Guinness World Record and meet the other remarkable animals at the Free To Be Me Animal Sanctuary, call 306-684-2231 to book a tour.

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