Eight Dutch enthusiasts receive Guinness record for constructing world’s longest bicycle

A group of eight Dutch enthusiasts has constructed the longest bicycle in the world, measuring an impressive 55.16 meters (180 feet and 11 inches), as reported by Vancouver-based Momentum Mag.

According to Guinness World Records, this remarkable length is equivalent to the size of two blue whales or four double-decker buses placed end-to-end. The previous record of 47.5 meters (155 feet 8 inches) was held by Bernie Ryan from Australia since 2020.

Ivan Schalk, the 39-year-old team leader, revealed to Guinness that he had nurtured the ambitious idea of creating the world’s longest bicycle since childhood, inspired by a World Records book he received as a gift.

The team constructed the front and rear parts of the bicycle themselves, while obtaining the center section from a company specializing in long steel structures. The bicycle meets the Guinness World Records definition, requiring it to be a pedaled vehicle with two wheels, one behind the other, and handlebars for steering.

During the official record attempt, two team members successfully rode the bicycle over a distance of 100 meters, with one steering at the front and the other pedaling at the back, securing the Guinness World Records title.

The world’s longest bicycle will be showcased at the Prinsenbeek local history museum, serving as a testament to the town’s engineering prowess and community spirit.

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