Lay’s crisps smashes a new Guinness World Record — and they’re crunchier than ever

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Small moments of joy are often big highlights in our busy lives.  

From finding the time to sit down and binge a new season of your favourite show, there are many golden moments in the day to love.  

But your biggest little moment of joy is popping open a bag of Lay’s – and we don’t blame you. 

The savoury snack’s distinctive flavour is now tastier than ever, with a more intense flavour to take over your senses. Not to mention its iconic crunch – so good, you won’t find a crisp crunchier elsewhere.  

It’s not only the inside of the iconic golden bags which have had an upgrade either: its exterior has had a refresh to make your crisp moment more premium than ever.  

What’s more, the crisp brand has recently broken a Guinness World Record.  

Lay’s UAE broke new records by building the tallest crisp packet sculpture made entirely out of Lay’s reaching over 4 metres tall.

Lay’s fans saw history being made at the entrance way of Ibn Battuta’s Carrefour — did you spot it? 

So go on, grab a bag of Lay’s and enjoy. Besides, there’s a Lay’s flavour for every occasion.

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