Tokyo tops the charts as best global sports city

A leading global communications agency, released its 2022 Ranking of sports cities, and for the first time in the 10-year rankings history a city from Asia – Tokyo – has topped the list

Tokyo has been named as the world’s best sports city according to BCW, a global communications agency. Tokyo became the first Asian city to top the list in the 10-year anniversary of the rankings. Paris and London came in second and third respectively

Los Angeles, site of the 2028 Summer Olympics, ranked fourth, while last year’s winner, New York, took fifth. The BCW ranking is conducted each year to identify the most prominent sports cities and their impact on global sport.

“A lot of work goes into this annual Ranking and we are proud to deliver this piece of work to the industry and contribute to the ongoing debate of how sports events play a big role in improving the global perception of a city.” said Lars Haue-Pedersen, Managing Director for BCW Sports.

The ranking shows despite the global pandemic, the event industry is still able to generate significant media coverage and positively impact the cities hosting major international events. Among which include the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games. Formula 1 racing is also having a profound impact as well, with several host cities scoring well.

“This year’s ranking once again underscores the positive role hosting major sports events can play in terms of connecting sport to the image of a city. The world has changed as a result of the pandemic, but the impact of the biggest sports events on the perceived image of a host city is still strong – and seems to get even stronger.

This year, Tokyo, the most recent host of the Summer Olympics, jumped to the top spot of the ranking. Other cities currently hosting major international events such as Paris and Los Angeles, held on to their positional rankings while the capital of Qatar, Doha, gained 13 spots due to the impending FIFA World Cup.

The number of cities that are currently hosting major international events such as Formula 1 races rose significantly. Some of these include Istanbul, Melbourne, and Budapest. Abu Dhabi, saw the largest climb on the charts, rising 25 spots to number 25.

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