Speeding wheelbarrow makes headlines with guinness world record

Dylan Phillips, a British mechanic, has made headlines by breaking the Guinness World Record for the fastest motorized wheelbarrow, reaching an astonishing speed of 52.58 miles per hour.

Phillips revealed that he initially built the high-speed garden tool just for fun, unaware that there was a world record category for wheelbarrow speed. “I got 37 mph during a short practice run and then discovered the record existed. That’s when I decided to do something with the silly thing I made,” he said.

The record-breaking run took place during Streetliners Speed Week 2024 at Ellington Airfield in Yorkshire. Phillips described the experience as both painful and scary to get the wheels up to speed. Once the race started, there was no turning back, luckily without any accidents.

Phillips’ achievement has gained attention worldwide, showcasing the innovative spirit and enthusiasm for unique records.

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